Our goal is to offer the finest books available with today's modern, advanced technology.


Our state of the art books are uniquely suited to satisfy today's modern bride.


Our goal

Our covers

We offer the most desirable and interesting collection of books in the photographic industry.


We offer 26 different cover choices and are even willing to personalize your wedding book with your wedding dress or bridesmaide's fabric.

The Huntington House Book Company

We offer the finest coffee table books in the photographic industry. Our books are very ecofriendly and they are guaranteed for life.

The pages lay flat with no crease. The colors are vibrant and extremely saturated. Our black and white pages are so clear that they look like images from film cameras. We have been in the photographic industry for over 25 years, our staff has been with us up to 15 years and we have been in the same location for over 25 years. We are absolutely persistent in all areas regarding quality.